Stiir It Up

'Stiir it up' is a web series that takes a look at young talent pursuing their passions for profession while making a statement.

Hosted By Arti Panday

Tanya Mok

Tanya Mok is a budding journalist on the cusp of attaining her undergrad from Ryerson University. She's gained experience writing for The National Post, Complex Magazine and various Ryerson publications. She gives an interesting perspective on the direction of journalism and how it affects the world. The thing about Tanya is that she's taking the classic form of journalism and putting her own fresh twist on it. 


SoTeeOh is a Toronto street photographer who takes pride in showcasing the city in ways you've never seen. He also devotes a lot of his time to giving back to the community by volunteering with youth and promoting creativity in general. SoTeeOh stays connected to his art through social media, namely Instagram, which led him to work with various organizations including 1LoveTO.


Janine Baijnath is a meteorologist with the CBC and is a working member of NASA's Ames Academy. She tracks weather systems, creates graphics and reports live on the weather. Janine analyzes weather systems and has full control over the graphics we see on tv. She is also pursuing a PhD in numerical WX predictions and enjoys putting her work to good use through broadcast. 


Travis Sewchan is an audio engineer and you should definitely take note of his name. Since graduating from Metalworks' Audio Production and Engineering program in 2010, he's put in work on some major hits including seven of the 15 songs on Drake's latest album, Nothing Was The Same. Right now, his focus is leading the engineering on OVO's Majid Jordan.


Yasser Pervaiz dedicates his time to working with non profit organizations including The Maytree Foundation and The Remix Project, Yasser focuses on helping at-risk youth as they pursue what they are passionate about. Whether it be through the arts or business, he feels that it's important to promote the hard work through practical learning.